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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

MUSIC VIDEO - ending to the story

Write an ending to this story

- - - - -
All sorts of writing prompts related to this music video...
*Image - text: relationship of the narratives of the lyrics and video
*Would/Did you leave your home town? Why? Why not? What would/do you miss most?


What would you do if you won a million dollars?
Tell us what you would do... Submit an audio post using your Hipcast account, via mobile phone or recording at the website.

Varying assignments

Be creative with group dynamics...

With 25 students per class it will not be possible for students to read and respond to everyone's posts so here are some ideas to manage or mix the activity...

*half of the students write original text post by WED other half respond with some flexibility: read 6 reply to 3

*of the students who post, half of the students post text, other half record audio

*student A posts an image - student B responds with text narrative - student A responds and/or posts another narrative.

- - - -
technical implications of original post = one author and comment being separated from original post


Tell a story using only 5 images.
Image/text posting could vary. Student post image and narrative. Or student A posts only images. Student B writes narrative. Student A responds and writes own narrative.

Read posts from our class and write a comment/reaction for the author on your interpretation of the story.

MORE INFO about this Visual Story Telling technique: SEE Flickr group.


Find a music video on YouTube, GoogleVideo or YahooVideo
*related to the theme we are studying
*example of traditional music of country/region x
*that you think the class would enjoy.
- - - - - - -
HOW TO: Copy the EMBED code off the video website, click on the EDIT HTML tab above and paste it into the blog post. Then click on the COMPOSE tab and tell us why you chose the video, what you liked best about it. If you can find a website with the lyrics, please share that link as well.

I like this silly song and only wish one of our students had produced it!


Find an image that intrigues you, embed it into your post and write

a reflective post: What was your reaction upon seeing the image? Does the image provoke any feelings? conjure up any memories? Why is the image intriguing.

a story based on the image:


Find a blog in German on a topic of interest to you.
When you find a post that intrigues you, blog about it in our class blog. You can copy text from the original blog and paste it into your post. Be sure to include a link back to the original blog (trackback/permanent link). Finally, be sure to use the Blogs label at the bottom of this window (Click SHOW ALL link for a list).

Blog Search Engines include:
Technorati German Search

- - - - -
*One way to familiarize students with the blogging world of the target language.
*Provide students with sources, handful of examples
*connects to other bloggers who might read class blog

Sample FL blogs

UM Hindi
Request Hindi speakers in the community to phone in their opinion of arranged vs love marriages. Students discuss perspectives in class. Identify vocab words in blog comment area. Post their own opionions.

UM Korean Third Year
Getting to know you …

honorifics (indirect speech reporting interview)

UM Swedish – collaboration with Gymnasium Campeon in Sweden

UM Italian 232 – Pop culture writing labs; individual and class

Blogs for Teaching and Learning

Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, Grammar, Culture

Communcations, Cultures, Conections, Comparisons, Communities

Multiple media: text, image, audio, video
Student publication – digital storytelling – fiction blogs -
Course Content Management

Blogging vs Required blogging
Dialog Journals
Topics of individual interest vs assigned topics
individual vs class blog

What is a blog?

chronological journal = web log
form-based web publishing tool
private, protected, public
individual, community
integrates with other social software tools
community of bloggers; subscribe and comment
syndicated – rss, mp3 itunes, podcast
rss reader bloglines - to keep up with blog postings
writing for audience

connections: students connect with the content, with each other, with public...